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Updated: Mar 27, 2021

A Self-Conscious Introduction

This is my first post here on A Writer’s Thoughts. I was so honored and pleased when Matt asked me to guest post for him! That being said, you probably don’t know who I am, so allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Brady. I’m an author. Now, the title of “author” typically implies a passionate, thoughtful, at times pensive, maybe a touch moody, person who can’t get a “real” job.

However, despite all this, I remain optimistic.

I have been blessed to live in an area where the creation that surrounds me is a goldmine of inspiration for an author. Being outdoors has always been a huge part of my life. When I couldn’t be outside, I loved reading books that took me outside to far away lands and distant times.

Those pages took me to another world.

The Most Exciting Thing in the World

Many people give me funny looks when I say the most exciting thing in the world to me is a blank sheet of paper. This is because the possibilities are endless and with the right combination of letters, anything can happen.

To date, I have 1 fantasy novel and 2 nonfiction books under my belt.

Which, now that I think about it is a rather odd place to keep a book.

My fantasy novel started as bedtime stories and blossomed into an intricate, detailed world of monsters, heroes and plot twists. And it hasn’t stopped there.

As a first time novelist, the ideas come full and fast.

Having people listen to those ideas, however, is another matter completely.

Once this realization hit me in the face, I decided I needed to concentrate on getting the word out and finding some people who share my love of adventure, fantasy, and plain old epicness.

To Build An Audience

This whole building an audience was a new thing for me. Whoever thought writing would be so much work? You’re supposed to be able to sit down, string some words together, mail it off to some “book person”, then watch your novel soar to the NYT bestseller list while you sip a mai tai and sign autographs!


Maybe not so much. Writing is a labor of love. Emphasis on the “labor” part.

Countless hours are invested in thinking, and thinking, and thinking. Countless pages are filled with chicken scratch and ideas that you’ll never use. Fingers are calloused tapping out a story, then fingers are strained holding the “backspace” key so that you can start all over again.

But we love it. And keep coming back for more.

The monumental task of writing and actually finishing a coherent, engaging book that people will want to read can be overwhelming at times. But now, thanks to that crazy little thing called the internet, authors get to Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, and Snapchat while they do it.

Another World

This concept of “build it and they will come” has, in my experience, been disproven. Completely.

Building an audience in this day and age is a bit like trying to make yourself heard at an auctioneer convention where everyone is using a megaphone to speak.

It was because of this my focus moved from writing to what I mentioned above - finding my tribe - people who share in that love of adventure, fantasy, and plain old epicness.

And that’s where Another World Audiobooks comes in.

As much as I love writing and reading, I found myself having less and less time for it. However, audiobooks were my savior. They provided a way to immerse myself in other worlds while still being able to continue as a functioning member of society.

For the most part anyway.

But if you’ve ever delved into the audiobook world, you know how ridiculously expensive they can be when on a subscription model. You also probably know the teeth-grindingly bad quality of the “free audiobooks” that you can get.

So my idea was a podcast that would provide free, high-quality, serialized audiobooks directly to your phone.

And Another World Audiobooks was born!

Nearly 2 years and 100 episodes later, we’re going strong, about to start our 9th audiobook.


And on top of that, I’ve had the enormous privilege of partnering with amazing indie authors like Matt Brown, Zac Wilson, Sarah-Maree Klein, Rebecca Kenney, Doug J. Cooper, Adrian Salter, RJ Knight, and Jacy Brean to share some of their amazing work with the world.

It’s been an amazing ride & I count myself so blessed to be able to share the amazing work of other authors through the podcast.

Getting to the Point

When Matt first asked me to write something, he said to just share some encouragement or life thought stuff. I hope that’s what I’ve done here.

The point is - it’s called an “author journey” for a reason.

You’re always moving and (hopefully) improving. You’re always trying new things. Trying different things. Exploring and expanding.

If that means you take a break from writing and try your hand at audiobook narration via podcasting for awhile - great!

Enjoy the journey. Remember discouragement will pass. And you have a story worth telling.

(thanks again so much to Matt Brown for allowing me to guest post here! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Really appreciate you reading! And if you made it all the way to the end, I want to say a very special thank you by giving you 3 free audiobooks! Just click HERE! See you in Another World!)

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