Creating From the Void

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

All is dark and a formless, empty void lies before you. It beckons you, crying out with a need and desire for something. Even in this vacuum, its demands are clear, and the word Create echoes into the furthest depths of your soul.

But the questions is: Create what?

Repeatedly the void continues to scream, continues calling out. It demands to be filled. You ponder its meaning, trying to grasp its desire as a yearning resonates inside you.

Still, the question remains: Create what?

The yearning grows, pulling at your senses, seeping into your very being. You want to answer the void, to heed its call and end its pain. Then you realize it’s not pain, but purpose. It needs more. It wants an identity.

More thoughts follow; you see the void differently now. It is no longer a vast vacuum of empty space, but a canvas begging to be filled. It is incomplete.

A picture comes to mind. You see a sphere and then thought becomes form. This sphere, however, is only a dead mass of rock, devoid of life. The void calls out again, but it’s a soft whisper, “More, there must be more.”

Then you ask: More of what?

Time passes. The sphere floats within the void a mere lifeless rock before. The yearning returns and with it, so does the desire to do more. Then another image comes. You see something called plants and trees in your mind. Again, thought becomes substance.

The cold, empty, lifeless sphere is transformed. The gray drab stone fades as its surface is covered with something called vegetation. You observe in awe from within the void at the majestic beauty and color arrayed before you. Something still isn’t right. You sense a need from the plants, they need to be sustained, but what could that be?

The yearning returns and you imagine large bodies of something called water. The sphere changes again, patches of blue spring up and with them white smoky things you called clouds. You hear a rumbling and water begins to fall on the sphere. The plants have their sustenance.

As you watch this dance of life play out before you, something becomes clear. The void is silent. Instead, the sphere now begs and pleads. It says it’s still empty and is asking for more.

You ponder and then strange beings of all shapes, sizes, and colors come to mind. Some have fur, others have scales. Some are warm while others are cold. Some walk on four legs, others two or none at all. A cornucopia of variety springs forth and once again, thought becomes form.

You find you are inspired, and life continues to flow from your thoughts into this precious sphere you’ve created. Before long, you cease to be its creator and observe the stories that it now creates. Each plays out in a rhythm all its own. You then realize the task is done.

But, as you turn away from this world you’ve made, the void once again beckons and asks for more. Only now, you have your answer and the process begins anew. What was before was its own, the task ahead, now something new.

I think anyone who writes or has that special creative spark can relate to this story. For me, this is kind of what the creative process is like. I’m sure some of you can see a little bit of yourselves in it. Our worlds are unique and different. They’re like islands in a vast void, each existing with their own rules and properties.

I hope you found this inspiring and motivating. You have a gift, don’t be afraid to use it. The void beckons for you to create and bring life to your story, I pray you answer the call.


Matt Brown

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