July Updates

I know it's been close to two months since I posted anything and for that I would like to apologize. I've had a few things going on which has forced me into writers block with Fates Intertwined. I've had to step back and take inventory because of the different demands coming at me.

So, I've changed positions at work, which is allowing me more time to write as i adjust. Over the last year where I was before was slowly draining my stamina and affecting my ability to write. It ate my time, and my drive. If anything, the position taught me that if obstacles begin moving in your path, you have to make a change.

In June I started feeling the weight of that heavily. So i made i the decision to move positions. I'm still adjusting to the scheduling, but the eight pulling me down is gone. I'm able to better focus and look ahead at my goals and breathe a little more than I could before.

I began reworking Fates Intertwined around January and the story keeps growing into a much bigger project than I intended or imagined. With where things were going at my job, I could tell it was getting harder and harder to focus on the story and to it the credit it deserves.

I don't remember if i mentioned it, but I am planning on retitling the story and taking another look at the characters in it. There a lot more to them than i imagined and some flushing out is needed. What i meant to make into a simply short story, has become a full grown novel.

My main project, Ancient Blood: Shadowfall, is back from the editor and I have some work to do. It's likely going to be taking up a lot of my time because I have to rethink, a few details that didn't translate to paper the way i thought. Some of the issues was making the Pov's clearer and adjusting them so things are easier to follow. My goal is still to publish by January 2022, and the book coming is coming a long amazingly well.

With the edits on Ancient Blood, I also have to turn my attention to book two in the series. The edits from the first will also translate into the second. I haven't come up with a subtitle yet, but ironically I have one for book 3 (lol).

I'm looking at making a few more tweaks to the website, nothing major, but just a couple things that I haven't addressed because my attention has been elsewhere with work and life.

I have added a section for maps as I expand the world and I'll also going to be adding descriptions and information about these regions that you'll find interesting. I've spent a lot of time working Absion for example. Much of its inspiration came from Greek/Roman influence. Most of such content will be available to subscribers only.

I'm also going to work toward introducing new authors to you and people I know who's books are coming out. I'll be posting this Friday about my friend, Jennifer Burrow's new book.

Back to Fates Intertwined. I know there are a lot of you who are vested in the story. Again I apologize for leaving you without a post for so many weeks. I'll be going back over the last few chapters and to get you another post soon. Some of the characters are being less than cooperative.

Have a blessed week everyone. I'm really appreciative of you all!



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