Light in the Darkness

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

I saw a light, beautiful and bright

I saw a light, holding back the cold darkness of night

It was powerful and bold, from it a great story was told

It was more than I ever knew, it was more because it was true.

Yet, when I gazed at this light, I knew only fear

For part of me dreaded to get too near.

I could only behold its beauty ever so longingly

A beauty that could set me free

Many times did I begin my approach, yet to its borders, I could not encroach

Many times had I dreamed of what could be, to have more than longing and be truly be free

Yet, within the darkness fear hovers ever near, it claims truth can never be so clear.

Yet, with the darkness it whispers day and night, ‘give up, this is not your fight.’

It’s not what you think, nor is it true

It’s not what you think, there’s nothing there for you

Darkness is your shield from that light’s searing rays

Darkness is your shield from its strange ways

There is no truth other than what you see

There is no truth apart from me

Let them who seek such a bright, ugly, thing fall to the ruin it will bring

Let them who seek believe the lie, let them in their illusion die

If they cared so much, then wouldn’t they have brought you too?

If they cared so much, why didn’t they call out to you?

No, that thing is not where you belong

No, do not even listen to its alluring song.

You are not like them, nor will you ever be

You are already home, within the dark, comforted by me.

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