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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I’m working on a series of posts in the coming weeks, this is the first. For any of my current subscribers, by now you know I spend a lot of time contemplating life and where I’m going. I wonder about adjustments that I may need to make. It’s not agonizing so much as analyzing. I mean who doesn’t want to make right choices?

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been spending time listening to different speakers, artists, musicians. It’s interesting listening to their stories and experiences. It’s more interesting learning how they got there.

I’ve spoken on this before, I think, but mindset is so important. One thought was sort of the focus of this post. It goes something this:

To become more you must come to a place where you believe you are more. The World is so quick to throw its opinions and vision of who you are, and what your life will become. People walk around acting as if they have the right to dictate terms, like an employer or someone who has you legally bound to a contract. The question is, do they have the right?

The answer is… Absolutely not. We’re different people and while the Collective doesn’t see you for who you truly are, they are quick to judge you for who they believe you to be. They take your mistakes, your missteps and shortcomings, then use them to define who you are. They see only the surface and the core, not your dreams or the vision you have for your life.

They tell you: “You have no voice” or say, “You are a fool with a foolish dream.”

Now saying that, let me clarify. This isn’t a pity party post. If anything, I’m hoping to encourage some of you to pursue that vision you have for your life. No vision is too small or insignificant. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool and is in turn foolish. We all have dreams, hope and ideas, the question is how to achieve them.

People might say... “Well that’s just not in the cards for you”... or... "The 'Universe’ doesn’t support that”. So, let me ask this…Are you holding the deck of my life? Are you looking at my hand? Do you think you can stop me?

Better yet, let me ask this. Since when did a vast empty space consisting of balls of gas, deadly explosions, and planetoids ever get to dictate the choices of my life? When did it wake up and say, “You know what, I don’t think I’m going to allow that in Matt Brown’s life.”

I will give you a very good example. Eric Thomas is a speaker I have come to highly respect. His story is incredible. This man was a high school dropout, living on the streets eating from trash cans. He didn’t have a good education and in one of his sessions, he speaks about how badly he did on an entrance exam. Nothing but remedial courses. I mean, here is a guy searching for a better start, only to be told he was average or less than average.

Thomas goes on to push through and by doing so comes to a powerful decision: I am going to step forward, regardless of what World might say. He goes on to get a Ph.D., I’ll say it again, the man went from no education, to a PH.D. Not only that, he is the 5th ranked motivational speaker and life coach in the World. He’s an author, pastor, educator and speaks with a passion that is undeniably honest.

If a man like that can accomplish so much by choosing to not let the World’s vision of him take him down by deciding to become who he saw he could be, then who are you? What is your vision? What is your dream?

Are you settling for less or pursuing more? Are you chasing mediocrity or pursing excellence? Are you sitting at some job you hate, instead of saying to that job…“This is the ford pinto I have to drive for now in order to get me to the Ferrari waiting for me in the future.” Are you saying, “If I can’t be as desperate for success as I am for breath, then I will never achieve everything I envision for my life.” Eric Thomas said the last one, by the way.

You can get there, never let the World trample the vision for your life. Haters are those who have foolishly given up on their vision, they can’t have theirs and are determined to deter you from yours. In their minds, you’re the fool for trying. In their minds, you’re better off settling.

They might try to scare you, to make you doubt, whatever it takes. But you my friend are better and stronger. You can’t sit in in a place where you are tolerated and expect to be able to tackle the day. Instead sit in a place where you are celebrated! Sit where you are encouraged and not just to have your ego stroked. Find that place of honesty, but search for where you can be celebrated and propelled forward despite the difficulty.

The choice is yours. It always has been and always will be. Set goals, make plans. Find the tools to launch you forward into the place you see yourself. You have the ability to get there. Fear may try to derail you, doubt may try to drown you, but you have it within you to become the person you are called to be. You simply must make that choice. You simply have to say, “Today, enough is enough. Today regardless of the negative, I will choose to take the steps to make a move for the positive. I will seize the opportunity and plan for my success. I don’t have time for the drama of the World, instead I will show the World who I am and who I intend to be.

One image that I think is awesome is this analogy:

You are a gazelle and somewhere out there is a lion (the World). You both get up every day and are constantly on the move. The lion is on the prowl, though, he’s hungry and searching for the weakest in the herd.

Now you must be quick, because when he spots you, he’ll come for you and if he catches you, then he has the power to drag you into the dirt and cause you pain. But if you are fast, yourself keeping alert, you can evade and escape his claws as you sprint toward success.

Another way to look at it is this:

You are the lion and the gazelle is the success you are hungering for. You can see your prey and you know if you time it right, all it takes is a moment. That moment creates an opportunity to sink your claws into the gazelle that is your success. So, pursue it relentlessly. Dig in and don’t let go. Keep chasing that gazelle until you can clutch it in your claws and fill your stomach with what it will bring.

Whichever analogy you want to use, the message is the same. Never give up and never stop running toward your goal. You have got this, you are closer than you know. Yesterday is gone, today is new and tomorrow will take care of itself. Good luck my friends.


Matt Brown.

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