Parable - Raven's Flight

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Her tears fall, like droplets of rain from her cheeks, tears that have fallen for days and weeks. She feels lost and alone, not knowing what to do. She feels scared unable to know what to believe as true. Her life at home seems belittled and unfair, and only little Raven who whispers to her seems to care.

Raven had watched and whispered these many days and weeks, drawing nearer as the tears fell from the soft cheeks. She draws comfort from his presence and care, all the while whispering how her life is desolate and unfair.

"No one has to live the way you do, no one should suffer what they put you through. Listen to me my young friend, do not give up hope this is not the end. We should leave this place you and I, on my wings we can soar and fly.

Into the night we should flee, and all the while a constant friend I will be. There will be no one to tell you what to do and say, and we will forever be able to run and play. Life will be better with me you will see because on my wings you will be set free.”

“I cannot leave no not yet, there are those that I do not wish to forget. They love me just like you, they care for me I know it’s true.”

“I understand, but how much more can you endure? Come fly with me into the night, come, grab my talons and take flight.”

“I will think about it, but for now I must stay. After all, tomorrow is still a new day.”

So the girl endured a while longer, but her bond with Raven grew ever stronger. His whispers took hold little by little each passing day until she grew to believe his was the right and true way. One night when the fights reached their peak, Raven sat by her window tapping the glass with his beak.

“Come with me away from here, to a faraway land with friends who will care and love you, dear. I know this place, do what is right. Come with me into the night, and on my wings, we will take flight.”

She looked up at him, tears rolling from her cheeks, like they had done so many times these passing weeks. “My friend you have been right and true, take me to this place to see my real friends. Take from here so this misery ends. On your wings, we will soar so I will no longer have to endure this anymore.”

Raven smiled at her, his heart filled with delight and taking her in his talons, the pair took flight. She saw the world from a grand and pleasant view. It was a world both fresh and new. The clouds were unlike anything she had seen, so beautiful, calm, and pristine.

“Welcome to the land I promised you, welcome to freedom and what it will mean for you.”

Onward they soared into the night, riding on the wind to greater heights.

“You kept your promise, and indeed this place is grand, but tell me friend Raven, when will we land? You said you would take me to a much better place, somewhere with friends and my own space.”

Raven looked down at her a dark smile his face. “Land, my dear friend, whatever do you mean, look at all I have shown you, look at what you have seen? The wonders of my land are more than any place can compare, here you are free and without care.”

“No one can tell you what to do or say, and in the safety of my talons I have taken you away. You were trapped and broken, living a life that tore at your heart. Here in my sky, I have given you a fresh new start.”

“Please friend Raven, I am happy that you have done so much, but this is a land that I cannot touch. I have no wings to soar on my own in this wonderful world you have presented and shown. I need a place from which I can stand, a place that I can call my own land.”

“Oh, but of course my friend how foolish of me, I was lost in my joy of setting you free. I know of a place on which you can stand a place that will be your own little land. You will still enjoy the sight, just wait and see. Even better, you will still be with me.”

They continued on into the night, Raven’s heart filling with delight. But his delight, also masked his fear, because Raven knew dawn was drawing near. Raven flew hard until he reached the promised place, his breath labored and spaced. Perching himself high overhead and smiling as the girl found some moss to make her bed.

“Here is the place I promised you, dear friend, here you can rest, your long journey has seen its end.”

“Thank you, friend Raven your words have been true, thank you for carrying me through. I was lost and broken and in pain, all through it all you have been open, honest and plain.”

For a little while she slept, not knowing the dark secrets Raven had kept. Soon from the horizon came dawn’s first light and the young girl woke up to a horrific sight. The place she stood was small and bland, not what her friend had said would be open and grand. It was a tiny spire atop some mountainside. Raven looked on, laughing at her tears; reveling in how he had amplified her fears.

“What have you done? Why am I here?"

“I have given you a land and a sky to be free, I have given you all that you wanted, and now you belong to me. You have a place on which to rest for feet, you have a place from which air and sky meet. I have given you all you wanted and more. Even myself, so you would have someone to love and adore. Oh, foolish girl why didn’t you see, that you should have never taken flight with me.”

“Now here you are with tears on your cheeks, tears that have been so familiar in those long days and weeks. For here you sit, with only me, and are trapped for eternity."

Now alone on the mountain the girl sat and cried, realizing the friend she thought so dear had lied. The life she had known had never been so bad, neither could she remember being so miserable and sad.

So I atop the mountain she sits, tears rolling down her cheeks, tears like she knew before, in those long days and weeks. The home she had known no longer quite as bad, those dark days seemingly less sad. She had run, believing in something she thought to be true only to fall for a lie greater than she knew.

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