The Greatest Story Ever Told

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

What is the greatest story ever told? If you were to ask someone their opinion would vary from book to book or story to story. I doubt if any one person could agree on what this story is. Some might say “The Great Gatsby” others “Lord of the Rings”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Count of Monti Cristo” ect…

But what if there was another story, one that could offer profound insight. A book whose pages detail a journey full of heartache, turmoil and struggle, but also demonstrates how to overcome? A story so powerful and compelling that we would sit on the edge of our seats because its real and raw. How about if I told you that it could reveal what love truly is?

What if I told you that you wouldn’t find this book on any shelf or in any bookstore? There isn’t a website where you can read about it in a preview or an add to leave you wanting for more. You won’t hear about it one the radio either.

So where does one find this great story I speak of? Where is it so that you can read it? Its sitting right here, reading this on its phone, laptop or home computer. Because the greatest story ever told, is you my friend.

It is an epic, a tale so unique and unlike any other. It is the journey with you at the center of the tale. Even now, as you read this, thoughts creep in saying, “That just isn’t me”, but I say it is and can be.

So makes your story so much larger than life? The answer is simple. You do.

Every breath drawn, every word spoken is another moment inscribed into the book of your life. It has those quiet moments that no one but you sees or experiences. It has those thoughts you keep hidden from prying eyes for fear of shame and ridicule. It has those blessed moments when you hold your baby for the very first time. It has a heart that yearns for something grander, something more than itself.

You see the story of you is truly precious, because you my friend are precious and unique. You were never an accident. You were never some cosmic anomaly put here to simply be born, then slowly wither and die.

You may feel like it’s all for naught, but it isn’t. Because the best part of being the greatest story ever told is that you get to be the one to tell it. You are the author of this book. You pen every moment. You get to choose how the story ends. No one can take that from you and no one has the right to take your pen away.

Write your story, make it epic and powerful. Make it something that leaves a legacy. Something that when it reaches its conclusion people can stand back and say, “Wow”.

The pen is in your hands and the pages, before you.

I also want to encourage you with this… It’s never too late to begin telling the tale. You may feel that up to this point it doesn’t matter, that your efforts have been and will always be, a waste of time. Truth is, they aren’t. It’s never too late to start a new chapter, to refresh the page and begin telling the tale you want. You just have to believe and keep your eyes forward. Show the world just how grand you are.


Matt Brown

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