The Miracle I Never Saw Coming

Updated: Mar 27, 2021


Guest Author: Stephanie Houltzhouser

I swear every time I try to get my life together, something always goes wrong. I moved out to Georgia to start over as a manager for a small retail company. I had just ended a long term relationship, and I needed to start fresh.

So, here I am, packing my bags to pick up and leave again. It's been three months, and my roommates insisted I try dating again. I started dating Griffin, a nice lawyer guy or at least I thought. The longer he and I were together, the more he started to control me. Even at work, his attempts at control extended to the point that I was getting in trouble with my boss!

Griffin had started off romantic, and kind. I don't know what happened. So I decided I'd lie and tell him I am going home to visit my parents. I needed to get to the airport, and if I told my roommates I was skipping out they would tell on me. Of that I'm sure.

The final straw was when Griffen got so pissed at me for disagreeing that he threw my kitten in the wall. A damn kitten, like come on! I was scared he was going to throw me into a wall next.

I could only take one bag so I knew I'd have to give up a lot to get out safely. Griffin was pissed that I wanted to visit my parents for a week. 9 a.m came around, and Griffin was dropping me off for my flight. He gave me a kiss goodbye and told me he loved me.

My parents didn't even know what was going on until I got home. Between layovers, and delays I was home in 8 hours! I felt moody and starving like hell. I just wanted to sleep.

As normal my mother had to make it a big deal that I was home. My parents, my grandmother, and brother were all waiting on me. As everyone is questioning how long I was in town I broke down crying.

"Kristy why are you crying?" my grandmother asked.

"Because, grandma, I am not going back. Griffen, my boyfriend, the one I told you about, started treating me badly and has been trying to control me. So I am home for good.

“I left everything including my job, and he cheated on me too. I thought it would be best to get out and come home.”

My mom paused. "Kristy you can have your bedroom back,” she said. “We will support you." Now, my family knew, but Griffin still didn't. He was already blowing my phone up. "Kristy go get some rest, and we will discuss this tomorrow more," she added.

I couldn't sleep though and I kept waking up sick. I figured I was just jet lag from the airplane.

"Kristy is that you?"

"Yes, mom I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you. It’s just jet lag I guess.”

"Kristy, no, I think you are pregnant, baby."

No!!! "That can't be! I'm not pregnant mom."

My mom paused and smiled. "Okay, Kristy, then take a test and prove me wrong."

I eye-rolled but agreed to go get a test. Anything so my mom can stop assuming that. "Okay, mom, you want a test you got it, but I'm telling you I can't be pregnant. I just had my period."

I was still reluctant, but I went and got one of those kits. She was wrong, she had to be. Even after taking it, I could see it in her face.

"Kristy, I know you hate to be wrong, but this shows you are very pregnant."

"What? No, no, no, this can't be!" I was so confused and pissed. I was so used to just worrying about myself. How would I ever take care of a child?

My dad came up and hugged me. "Kristy we will stand by you, and if he is abusive then we just won't tell him. This is our baby."

Griffin is calling again, so I decided to answer the phone this time, and tell him I'm staying and we are over. "Griffin, hi!"

"Kristy where the hell have you been?"

“Griffin I am not coming home, and we are over!"

"Kristy get your ass home!" he shouted. "This is bullshit. Don't be a bitch!"

“That's it!” I hung up the phone completely pissed. I didn’t know how the hell I was going to do this. My life is going to be flipped upside down!

I was just far enough along to go to the doctor. and see about the baby. Mom made an appointment so I could start my care.

“Come on back let’s see what we have here.”

They did a blood test, and I was definitely pregnant for sure.

“Kristy I am just going to check the baby's heartbeat,” the doctor explained.

I’m waiting for them to say they found it, but there was a puzzled look is on his face. “Kristy we can’t do ultrasounds here, but I don’t hear a heartbeat. Let's set up another appointment in a week to do another check up when we can.

I look at my mom, concerned.

“Kristy let’s go get lunch. I’m sure it will be fine so let’s not worry,” she says. I could tell she concerned, but was trying to stay positive for my sake.

So, we spent that week playing games and going shopping to pass the time. It passed so quickly. Griffin was still blowing the phone up, but now he was making threats.

My mom and I went back to the hospital to get the ultrasound. We were both anxiously waiting to see the baby. They called us back and started the ultrasound.

“Kristy look! He spread his legs, it’s a boy!” We start giggling away, till the tech goes to get the doctor.

I could see it on his face. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

At first, he doesn’t say anything. “Kristy something is wrong with the baby’s heart,” he says. “I would advise you to go ahead and abort this child.”

I broke down in tears as my mom reached for me and hugged me tightly. “No, I will not abort just cause something is wrong. How dare you!”

He meant well but I didn’t care.

“Kristy, look, this is no life for you, I’m giving you good advice,” he said. “With a sick baby, you will have no life. It will probably be stillborn.”

I was at a loss on the way home. A single mother, and now something was wrong with my baby.

“Kristy, you have your dad and I no matter what.”

I wiped away the tears. “You’re right, Mom. We will be just fine and see where this road takes us.

Author note

Hi, my name is Stephanie Houltzhouser. This short story is the kick-off to my first novel. This is a true story, and it is only the beginning of the many hurdles the story has to tell. I’m primarily known for my prose and poetry. I have been writing since I was a child. At 12 years old I was a reporter for “Bear Essentials school paper.”

The first article made the paper, the news where I broadcast it, and the radio station. At the time I was the first to accomplish this. This is where my love for writing had begun.

I am now a mother to an incredible child who beat every medical odd. He is now ten years old, and that is incredible!! I was told I’d be lucky if he made it to a year, but blessed if he saw 10 years old.

He is one amazing little guy, and he also loves to write. This novel is an exciting one because it's going to be made into a film. I have a producer who is just waiting for the finished product.

It will cover topics about rare chromosome deletions, feeding problems, heart disease, autism, and language delays. It’s been a journey, but we are going on strong and brave. I hope you will follow this story, and that so many will know they are not alone.

“Living a life without feeling emotions it to be numb.”

(You can follow Stephanie on Twitter HERE and on Facebook)

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