Wired Differently

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

By Stephanie Houltzhouser

My wires might be crossed, but I am here.

I may not speak in words, but I speak in my emotions loudly.

I may not do what is asked of me, but I do what works for me.

I am here fighting to fit into a world that was not made for me.

I am fighting to be me in a way others might see my beauty.

My heart is full even if I can't show it in the way you may think that I should.

I am who I am, wired in a way that makes me beautiful in a very different way.

See me for who I am, not the way you think I should be.


I'm always happy to share the work of my fellow authors and am honored to be able to share this post with you. This Poem is from Stephanie's new book "Shadowed by Her Truth" which debuts today. It's a collection of her poetry and beautiful thoughts. You can get your copy on Amazon today! You won't be disappointed!



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